New web site for creating safe AGI and technology singularity

There are increasing number of people who are concerned about the survival of human race when computers/AI/AGI will become smarter than us. And a number of them wish to contribute financially as well.
There are a few reputable organizations that you can contribute to, but I think there is a room for a small “meta organization” still, which would:
– Be a neutral/non-biased actor in the field. Some of these organization must be functioning better than the others and it would be good for a donator to get a comparison of them. Which one of them he should donate to.
– Best is if one of these organizations can be used to stay up to date. But again a “meta mail” system would be nice, where you can choose if you wish to get all of the mail from these organization combined or just four times in a year or something between these two extremes.
– And same goes for collecting documentation, understanding etc. And especially with “recommendation” or “rating” of how good these articles are.

– Utilize crowd-sourcing for the maintenance. This has been done in wikipedia and in lesswrongwiki, but as far as this topic is concerned, both of them have failed badly.

– And best of all would be if we could create a web site that works on this topic together to define where we are going, what can be done etc in a structured manner, so we would build up documents from small sub topics, so for example brain-to-computer would have one document on this level and several documents in more detailed level.

Here you can see one picture that describes some of the probable causal effects that *any* AI/AGI request would create if when it would get extreme and unfortunately computers are very single-minded if that is not prevented and thus they by default would attempt to do everything in overly extreme fashion.

Consequences of AI goals

2 thoughts on “New web site for creating safe AGI and technology singularity

  1. I agree that there should be a meta-charity evaluating X-risk reduction organizations, but perhaps this would work best as an outgrowth of Givewell Labs (aka the Open Philanthropy Project) rather than a new organization?


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